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Why trust us:

At Gau Amritam, we drive our inspiration from अमर बलिदानी भाई राजीव दीक्षित जी, which will never let us deviate from our aim.

Gau Amritam is actually a brain child of सेवारत्न गव्यसिद्धाचार्य डॉ. निरंजन भाई वर्मा , गुरुकुलपति पंचगव्य गुरुकुलम ,गौविज्ञानिक, पंचगव्य चिकित्सक, founder of www.panchgavya.org , www.gavyahaat.org, and founding president of PanchGavya Doctors Association (Society Regd Under Central Act of India), who is always behind us to show us the right path.

At Gau Amritam we say "एक लक्ष्य:गौ संवर्धन"and it is just not a punch line for us, we actually live it. We aim to Re-Connect every household with our गौ माँ, and out of all PanchGavya, Milk is the first product through we have initiated the process.
PanchGavya Includes: गोबर, गोमूत्र, दूध, घी, छाछ