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At GauAmritam

  • We are "committed to deliver only Desi Cow A2 Milk in its natural form" which is nothing but truly an Amrit.

    ऋग्वेद says:

    गोदुग्ध सर्वोषीधिसार: जंगल में औषिधि चरने वाली गाये का दूध सभी औषिधियो का सार है thus Desi cow milk has all Medicinal properties in it, which makes it a must for everyone's daily diet of all age groups..

  • We are "Committed to deliver Desi Cow A2 milk within 4 – 5 hours of milking"

    दोहन के 4 घंटे के अंदर, दूध सीधा आपके घर ....
    देसी गाय का दूध ऐसा, अपने हाथ से दोहन किया जैसा.

    क्योंकि दादी-नानी की समझ कहती है कि दूध दोहन के बाद जल्दी से जल्दी दूध उबाल ले , जिससे दूध का गुण पूरी तरह बना रहे, which is not the case with Dairies, delivering 24-72 hours stale milk from chillers/after pasteurization process.

  • We are "Committed to deliver Desi Cow A2 milk in 100% unadulterated natural form".

    Adulterant viz Water, Chemical Preservative mainly H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide, Process of chilling and pasteurization are the elements which are not only damaging the अमृत तुल्य properties of milk but making "Not Fit for Health", thus At Gau Amritam we "SAY NO TO ALL ADULTRANTS"