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Gau Amritam Process

Our गौ बेड़ा

All गौ माँ are free to roam anytime, anywhere within the barricaded periphery of बेड़ा, and none of the गौ is being tied to खूटा. Each morning after Milking (दोहन), गौ माँ are taken to गोचर भूमि, wherein they are free to have feed as per their Natural taste and need, under the close supervision of गोपालक who accompany गौ माँ to गोचर भूमि and in evening only before sunset, they all returned to बेड़ा. All गौ माँ are kept in their natural habitat, so that Milk doesn't lose any of its inherent properties ( गुण-धर्म) which only makes गौ दूध truly a अमृत. We also make sure that the calves (बछिया और बछड़े) are properly fed first and additional milk naturally available is used for human consumption.

पारंपरिक दोहन / Traditional Milking Method

Milking (दोहन) of गौ माँ is done in the traditional way. Desi Cow never allows machine to do milking, only a गोपालक which is known to गौ माँ can only do milking. And also researches have shown that cows undergo immense stress when milking machines are attached to their थन for milking, resulting in release of harmful stress hormones in the milk. गौ माँ loves licking बछिया/बछड़ा while milking is on, we at Gau Amritam makes sure that that calve is standing next to cow, during milking.


While गोपालक are milking (दोहन), other boys ready to do bottling. Milking and bottling happens simultaneously, thus there is no time lapse, between milking and bottling which enables us deliver Raw Milk without the need of Chilling, Preservation or Pasteurization.


Vehicle leaves बेड़ा in धारूहेड़ा in the early morning hours by 6:15 am and reaches Delivery station in Hauzkhas, all boys get bottles in their bike box and start delivering on their respective routes. Thus the milk reaches your door step at the right temperature, time and condition!