• Gau Amritam

    Desi Cow A2 milk
  • Gau Amritam

    Desi Cow A2 milk
  • Gau Amritam

    Desi Cow A2 milk
  • Gau Amritam

    Desi Cow A2 milk


Are we feeding our dear ones with Jersy/HF
milk on the name of cow milk?
For our family it is to be only n only "Desi Cow A2 milk"
to be consumed. And when we say our Family
it is
वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम:

Desi Cow

  • A2 Milk, best suited for our consumption, easy to digest, improves immunity, control high cholesterol and Diabetes.
  • Original India Breed, part of ourlifestyle since vedic era.
  • Generally Gives 2-8 ltr/Day.Nature also prefers Quality over Quantity.
  • Latest Researches has also proved that Light Yellow Colour of the milk because of स्वर्ण छार in it.
    Element Gold in Desi cow A2 milk helps in enhancing memory , IQ level, of growing kids
  • Desi cow A2 milk is very rich source of Vitamin D

Jersey / HF

  • A1 Milk has been declared unsafe for human consumption by many European Countries.. Researches shows consumption of A1 milk to leads to diabetes, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol etc
  • Breed originated by Crossing it with PIG/SWINE.Nothing to do with Indian culture.
  • Gives 15-50 ltrs a day, as female PIG has to feed 10-15 new borne PIG babies at a time, Nature has blessed her with more milk, suited only to PIG Race but not to Human Race.
  • No स्वर्ण छार in it.
  • No Vitamin D in it.

About Gau Amritam

We are "committed to deliver only Desi Cow A2 Milk in its natural form" which is nothing but truly an Amrit.

ऋग्वेद says:

गोदुग्ध सर्वोषीधिसार: जंगल में औषिधि चरने वाली गाये का दूध सभी औषिधियो का सार है thus Desi cow milk has all Medicinal properties in it, which makes it a must for everyone's daily diet of all age groups..

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